Terms & Conditions


For packages with Gordin Travel, in addition to the general requirements of Swedish Travel Association’s conditions for packages .


Deposit is 20% of the tour price , but not less than 4000 per person. If the hotel or other supplier wants a down payment to secure the booking down payment may be higher. Not obtained the down payment within the time the tour operator has the right to cancel the trip . Typically , final payment of the trip made 30-60 days before departure. Sometimes, however, airlines and other suppliers require prepayment much earlier. For the traveler must guard against currency changes and air taxes can end payment of airfare, hotel stay and travel package done before.


The following rules apply for a travel package that includes both flight and hotel . Purchasing only ticket for the airlines’ own cancellation policies . Otherwise, the sub-contractor’s cancellation policy . Cost if canceled without cancellation :

More than 30 days prior to departure ( more than 60 days at peak Christmas and New Year ) so charged subcontractor cancellation fee and down payment. 14-30 days before departure , and 30-60 days in peak season Christmas and New Year so charged at least 50% of the cost depending on the provider’s cancellation fee. Less than 14 days before departure and 30 days before Christmas and New Year so no refund . Changes from the traveler by deposits paid represents a cost to the traveler with a minimum of 500 sec and Gordin Travel additional costs. If the traveler changes the departure airport, departure date or destination , it is considered as a cancellation and new reservation . Booked arrangement not utilized during the trip, and unused or abbreviated hotel stays , non-refundable.


Traveler’s dissatisfaction with hotel , airline or other arrangement to the extent possible is taken directly with the subcontractor in place. If the passenger can not agree with the subcontractors on site , the passenger must contact Gordin Travel in Swedish daytime. Otherwise, the traveler must submit written notification within 14 days of your return . The passenger must be in place to take the name and telephone number and email address of the persons concerned. We Ward ‘s liability for defects caused by negligence on the passenger side , third person or circumstances which we could not foresee , avoid or repel force majeure. For international air transportation is limited liability under the Montreal Convention. The airlines must comply with EU rules.


The traveler is responsible for reading travel conditions before purchase and undertakes to ensure that invoices and documents of value corresponds to the order.

The traveler is responsible for the name and date of birth information on tickets and other valuable documents comply with the same spelling and name order as in the passport. If they do not match , it can lead to deportation upon check-in at the airport. Check the value of the documents and report any errors to Gordin Travel without delay. It is the traveler’s responsibility to check with the airlines just before and during the trip for any changes in departure times and check-in times and any necessary re- confirmation of flight . Gordin Travel is not responsible for any missed flight which has its cause in an amended timetable. Gordin Travel is not responsible for damage incurred to property or luggage. It is the traveler’s responsibility to inform themselves about and arrange valid passport ( often need passport valid 6 months after your return ) , visas and vaccinations. Traveler is responsible for compliance with applicable safety rules and other rules that airlines and other suppliers down . The traveler is responsible for reviewing their travel insurance and cancellation inscurance . See link to our insurance partner if you want to buy cancellation insurance and travel insurance when booking opportunity .


Gordin Travel follows the airline’s rules and thus can not promise to include pre-booked seats on the flight are guaranteed. When changing journey and regulations from airlines and other suppliers , we reserve the right to make the corresponding change to the traveler . Gordin Travel is doing its utmost to accommodate passenger requests such as room location or the like , but we can not guarantee the wishes of the traveler. Gordin Travel is not responsible for the information contained in hotel brochures, hotel websites or other information forwarded to the traveler . We reserve the right for any typographical errors on our website, ads and catalog.

Gordin Travel has a travel guarantee addressed to Administrative Services Agency .



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